Our sustainability policy aims to demonstrate our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our policy guides the management of material issues that we have identified in line with stakeholder engagement practices and the requirements of sustainability standards.

In this direction, our principles are;  

  • Evaluating and actively managing risks and opportunities for combating climate change within the scope of our operations. To work towards improving our environmental footprint by setting performance criteria and targets in the areas of water management, energy management, emission management, and resource efficiency,
  • Adopting respect for human rights as a priority principle in all our operations, opposing all forms of discrimination, promoting equal opportunities, and expecting the same sensitivity from our supply chain,
  • Keeping customer satisfaction and product safety at the highest level with our responsible production approach. In this direction, continuously following innovative and competitive applications offered by technology and digitalization, and evaluating them within the scope of our operations,
  • Creating employment, working for sustainable growth, and contributing to the national economy by prioritizing occupational safety, quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in all our operations,
  • Providing our employees with a fair, equal working environment where they can develop themselves and where occupational health and safety are ensured at the highest level. Actively following and implementing national and international standards and obligations on relevant issues,
  • Working to disseminate our sustainability approach and ethical values throughout our supply chain, developing projects that will contribute to improving the sustainability performance of our suppliers,
  • Realizing social responsibility projects that will contribute to social development,
  • Actively using the channels through which we communicate with our stakeholders and actively evaluating feedback,
  • Making infrastructure investments that will provide information confidentiality and security,
  • Implementing management practices that will continuously improve our sustainability performance. Presenting our performance transparently to our stakeholders.