We recognize the impact of the Climate Crisis on humankind and the entire global ecosystem. We aim to reduce this impact through responsible choices and transformative actions for all types of resource consumption and emissions during our production. In line with this, we measure the environmental impact of our products with Simapro LCA analysis and Jeanologia EIM applications. 

The main raw material for the clothes we produce is cotton. Since 2020, our target for the use of cotton from responsible sources in all fabrics we purchase is 100%. In 2021, this rate was closed to 99.7%.

We are working to reduce our water consumption in our washing facilities. We use new generation washing machines that enable low-water consumption in our key washing facilities. Water recycling systems are active in two of our important laundries. With water recycling systems, we can reduce the amount of water consumed per kilogram of the product by 70%. 

We are using ZDHC-compliant chemicals in our washing plants; are monitoring MRSL compliance of all the brands we serve with the BvE3 application and sharing wastewater test results via the ZDHC Gateway platform.

We consider energy efficiency in machinery preferences in our production chain and carry out LED lighting transformation projects. We are resetting the carbon footprint of Roteks premises and our key production facilities with Renewable Energy Certificates based on solar energy.