For more than 35 years, we, as Roteks, have been closely following current industry-specific and technological changes with our philosophy of "open communication" and "human value" approach. As part of Roteks' sustainability policy, we shape our corporate communication activities within the framework of the UN Global Goals. We continue our communication activities with the aim of both contributing to the creation of permanent solutions to social and environmental problems with local actors, transferring our internal work to our stakeholders, and creating sustainability value within the Roteks Family.

Without a doubt, the greatest development today is in new channels of communication. Social media channels are now one of the leading areas of expression not only for individuals but also for organizations. With our structure that quickly adapts to innovations, we make it a point to actively and creatively use social media in both our internal and external communication channels.

Our in-house Instagram account @roteksailesi is an active account that all our employees participate in and plays an important role in the strength of our internal communication. Roteks' corporate account is @rotekstekstil. On Linkedin, which is managed by our HR team, we provide our current sectoral communications.