At Roteks Tekstil A.Ş., we adopt prioritizing customer satisfaction as the basis of the Quality Policy, implementing the management by processes approach in all our operations, and continuous improvement of all processes.

Our senior management leads the sustainability and development of the policies and principles we have determined in our quality management system. We aim to improve the effectiveness of our quality policy with the participation of all our employees and other stakeholders.

In this direction, our aims are;

  • To achieve the strategic objectives determined by the Executive Board,
  • To achieve the maximum quality at the first time with high efficiency and minimum cost by minimizing errors through planned and systematic activities with management by processes approach,
  • To continuously and consistently increase stakeholder satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers, partner production operations, and employees in compliance with the requirements set forth by the law, 
  • To contribute to the personal and professional development of our employees,
  • To constantly and consistently improve the efficiency of quality management,
  • To make productions that are sustainable both for human and environmental resources,
  • To prioritize product and user safety throughout the product life cycle as a requirement of our responsible manufacturer approach.