With its human resources policy, Roteks Tekstil aims to create an environment where each employee has the opportunity to reveal their potential, freely express their thoughts, contribute to Roteks Tekstil`s vision, and create value. At the same time, it aims to sustainably create a workforce that is transparent and fair, focused on continuous learning, puts forward effective and participatory leadership, has high loyalty to the company, is productive, happy, and socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Human Resources Policy is to support the continuous development of our employees through performance appraisal, training activities, graduate and doctorate incentives, and inter-departmental project group studies. Roteks Tekstil provides fair, unprejudiced, and equal opportunities to all employees by offering them appropriate training and employment opportunities. 

Our priority is to create and disseminate a participatory, sharing, and transparent culture that values diversity and creativity, to continuously develop approaches that strengthen loyalty, and to provide a safe, healthy, and ethical work environment that takes into account the balance between work and private life. 

Although the Human Resources Policy is determined in a way that will provide flexibility for the strategic plans and needs of Roteks Tekstil, the following principles should always be taken into account:

  1. Strictly adhering to the principles of honesty and ethical management of human resources,
  2. Carrying out our activities in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  3. Acting in line with the principle of equality in all processes, including recruitment, promotion, remuneration, development, and dismissal processes,
  4. Being against all forms of discrimination in all our business processes and not tolerating discrimination,
  5. Ensuring that relations are open and transparent at all levels, differentiating communication channels with our employees, and collecting their feedback effectively,
  6. Structuring the working environment and organization in accordance with professional management and working principles,
  7. Continuously observing employee rights as defined by the law,
  8. Creating a working environment where our employees can work safely and efficiently,
  9. Giving employees the opportunity to use their potential and talents and supporting development and creativity,
  10. Supporting the rights of association and collective bargaining stipulated by legislative regulations and respecting freedom of expression,
  11. Setting clear and understandable expectations from employees through the performance system and ensuring fair evaluation of the employees,
  12. Raising awareness and responsibility among our employees about our social obligations and ethical values, supporting the participation and development of our employees in volunteering activities in line with our social responsibility concept and priorities.