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We are proud to be the first company in Turkey to utilize the CTI tool.

Sustainability and innovation are always among the highest priority goals for us at Roteks. As a company that works with a wide range of suppliers and exports to various countries, we recognize our impact on the whole value chain.

We believe that it is essential to measure and understand the circular economy metrics in depth.

In 2021, we ran an initiative on leveraging the mud waste created by our washing facility partners for industrial symbiosis under the Circular Vouchers 2.0 program. The program was created via the Turkey Circular Economy Platform and in collaboration with BCSD Turkey (Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey) and ERBD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

In the project, we consulted Mavi Prizma, a company operating out of Eskişehir Technology Development Zone & Anadolu Technology Research Park (ATAP Inc). We analyzed ~80 supply chain units that we work with during our production processes and Roteks Textile’s data and came up with clear conclusions about our water circularity and renewable energy usage. This way we're able to identify key improvement areas.
On another workstream in the project, we worked on measuring the production circularity of our company with the support of BCSD Turkey. In order to professionally measure our circularity, we utilized the CTI tool developed by WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) which is the umbrella organization of BCSD Turkey. According to this analysis, we saw that we could improve our total circularity input and total circularity output by 10% and 4% respectively. This was a very valuable insight for us. We are proud to be the first company in Turkey to utilize the CTI tool.

You access the details of our project where we also created the 3-year roadmap for Roteks’ transition into the circular economy in the link below: